No cash payments by Employees to providers


Digital bill submissions by provider to corporate


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What is Tremido?


Tremido enables its corporate customers to offer its employees the Cashless OPD Program at Tremido’s affiliate network of healthcare providers including doctors, chemist and labs. Tremido enables the providers to submit bills directly to the corporate for the enrolled Employees’ medical spends and the corporate to pay the reimbursement amount directly to the provider. Tremido ensures that the cashless spends by employees are capped at their medical reimbursement limit. This enables the employees to spend their medical reimbursement funds in a cashless and paperless manner.

How does it work?

  • Employee discovers doctors, chemists, labs as per their needs
  • Employee avails medical product and/or services at the Tremido provider
  • Employee approves charge on mobile and walks out
  • Provider submits bills digitally to corporate through Tremido
  • Corporate pays provider through Tremido
  • Tremido reviews the bills for compliance for tax exemption eligibility
  • Tremido provides payroll and tax data feed to Corporate for payroll import


Wide Healthcare Network

Digital bill submissions

Mobile Based

Sophisticated Technology

Cashless Transactions

Free Customer Support



Tremido helps corporates simplify the medical reimbursement process for your employees and the company. By leveraging our vast and growing healthcare provider network and sophisticated technology, we flip your current cumbersome medical reimbursement process into a cashless, paperless and mobile based OPD program for your employees.

If you would like offer the benefit of the Cashless OPD Program to your employees by deploying our solution in your organization, please contact us.

Healthcare Provider

Tremido empanelled healthcare providers are carefully selected doctors, chemists and labs who provide quality services to the employees and families of Tremido’s corporate customers. As an empaneled provider, our corporate users will be able to avail high quality health services you provide in a cashless and paperless manner.

If you are an empanelled provider, download the Tremido Provider app now.

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Tremido takes the drudgery out of your medical reimbursement process and replaces it with the convenience of a Cashless OPD Program. Simply discover your healthcare providers on Tremido, avail their medical services and/or products and approve of the payment using your mobile phone.

That’s the end of the medical reimbursement process for you! Really, we mean it!! The healthcare provider will submit the bill directly to your company and your company will pay the provider directly.


If your company has enrolled on the program, download the Tremido app now to discover convenience.


Tremido is trusted by many companies


With Tremido Cashless OPD you get convenience and value addition!

  • Tremido allows me to provide my medical products to tech savvy corporate customers and without having to invest in or build any technology.

    Ruchir Mehta
    Owner, Rupesh Medicals
  • Tremido Cashless OPD enabled us to offer our employees a digital and new age medical reimbursement solution while reducing our corporate process overhead.

    Devendra Deshmukh
  • Tremido allows me to offer conveniences to my patients while focusing on my core strength of delivering quality medical services to patients.

    Dr. Abhijeet Lele
  • Tremido allows me to avail medical products and services using the convenience of  cashless payments using my mobile and eliminates the hassles of the bill submissions and approvals process of medical reimbursement.

    Anuradha Sen
    Software Developer, Soft Corner